Access to 高等教育

Access to 高等教育


Education has the power to transform lives, and our Access courses exemplify that, 为没有正规资格或传统学术背景的成年人提供进入大学的途径.

我们的Access学生是一群非常优秀的人,他们既积极又有决心, 在布罗克,我们承诺提供有奉献精神和经验丰富的教师.

We realise that returning to education can feel like a big step, 这就是为什么我们给你专业的教务支持以确保你能轻松地重返课堂.

小班级规模, 布罗克大学是您迈向理想职业的第一步的绝佳地点.


重要的是, 成功完成一门Access课程将向大学展示你通过努力工作和决心转换道路的能力.



Access to HE Infographic

我们的入门课程的毕业生已经在英国和我们地区的著名大学获得了一席之地. 区域目的地包括南安普顿,奇切斯特,朴茨茅斯,温彻斯特和伯恩茅斯.



Advanced Learner Loans

高级学习贷款可以让你获得经济支持来支付你的学费. 这意味着你可以从学生贷款公司贷款,而不是一开始就支付你的课程费用. 你只会开始偿还贷款,一旦你离开了课程,赚取超过 £25,725 一年.

If you are aged 19 or over you will have the option to:

  • Pay the course fees personally.
  • Have an employer/sponsor pay the course fees for you.
  • 应用 for an Advanced Learning Loan to cover the complete cost of your course.

An Advanced Learner Loan is for anyone who is:

  • Aged 19 or over at the start of the course.
  • 在继续教育或培训中学习3 - 6级,并居住在英国.


  • 如果你已经申请了高级学习贷款以完成相同类型和级别的资格,你将没有资格申请高级学习贷款.
  • 如果你年龄在19-23岁,正在申请你的第一个三级资格证书,这可能是免费的. Please contact us to check your eligibility.
  • 无论你目前的工作状况如何,你都可以获得贷款,并且不会接受经济状况调查或任何信用审查.
  • If you are taking out a loan for an Access course, 如果你继续完成高等教育资格,你就不必偿还学费.

Find out more information about Advanced Learner Loans and how to apply here: ADVANCED LEARNER LOAN


How long does an Access course last?

You can study this course full-time over one year or part-time over two years.

How many hours a week is an Access course?

Class contact time averages 12 hours a week. Lessons take place Monday – Wednesday, 9am – 2pm. Please note that this is subject to change. You should check the planned timetable when you apply.

Can I take an Access course if I am under 19?

Access courses are designed for adults aged 19+. If you are 18 and interested in an Access course, 请与我们联系,我们会帮你找到适合你的节目.

When do Access courses start?

Access courses run every academic year from September to June.

Can I study via distance learning?

No. Access课程是基于课堂的课程,没有远程学习模块.

Will I need to study in my spare time?

对于每一小时的课堂时间,我们建议你花一小时的时间独立学习. 我们亦建议利用我们的学习资源中心及安静的学习场地.

Is funding available for this course?

如果你在24岁以下,并且没有持有3级资格,这门课程将被资助. 如果你超过24岁, or already hold a Level 3 qualification, funding is available through an Advanced Learner Loan. 您还可以通过我们的助学金系统获得额外的财政支持,以帮助儿童保育和旅行费用.

How will I be assessed?

You will submit written assignments in each of your subjects. 这些考试将由你的老师打分,然后由外部审核. You will also sit one exam.

What will I need to do to get the best grades?

我们最成功的学生都有一个共同点,那就是全勤. 高成就的学生也有良好的组织和投入大量的时间独立学习.

Is it possible to study an Access course if I have other commitments?

是的. 事实上,我们的大多数Access学生把他们的课程与工作和家庭承诺结合起来. You will need to be organised, but as long as you attend all your lessons, 你没有理由不能在完成其他承诺的同时完成你的入门课程.

What should I do before I apply?

在你提交申请之前,请仔细研究你的升学路线. 一定要参加大学开放日,并与你希望学习的课程的负责人交谈. Also, check entry requirements on ucas.确保Access课程与你想学习的大学课程相匹配.

If you are planning to study Nursing, 助产术, an Allied Health course or a Teaching degree at university, 我们希望你在申请入学课程之前已经有相关的工作经验. 大学希望在你的个人陈述中看到相关工作经验的证据, which you will write in the first term of your Access course.

What is the application process?

Please apply for your Access course online.

Part of the application form asks you to write a personal statement. The personal statement is your opportunity to tell us about you, 你的背景, why you want to study and Access course and how it fits with your future plans.

这些个人陈述通常是我们学生在UCAS提交个人陈述的基础, so please give us as much information as possible. 一旦你的申请被学院收到,你将被邀请参加面试.




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