Transnational Education (TNE)

Transnational Education (TNE)

国际 students studyingAt Brockenhurst大学, we have been involved in international education work since 2004, and are the only UK FE College to be designated by the Chinese government’s Hanban Institute (汉办) with Confucius Classroom (孔子课堂) status.

Our TNE provision is designed to develop partnerships and projects with international institutions to help improve 教学 and learning in-country as well as delivering British curriculums in-country.

The College has worked in the Transnational Education (TNE) market since 2005, delivering several different education programmes successfully in the UK and overseas.


With our experience and expertise, we offer in-country delivery for 一个水平 and 职业课程.

一个级别的课程 职业课程

In addition, we are able to offer the follow programmes:

  • Bespoke on line EFL (英语 as Foreign Language) and A level courses
  • Bespoke Professional Teacher Training programmes
  • Bespoke Leadership and 管理 Training programmes
  • 支持 and Training on Internal Quality Assurance Systems
  • Introduction and training on UK 学徒 系统

课程结构 & 教学 

The course structure and 教学 methods vary depending on the programme. Some of our TNE programmes are delivered entirely online (e.g. EFL), while others can be long-term in-country delivery projects (e.g. A-Level/职业课程).

Alternatively, courses can be short term in-country workshops (e.g. Continuous Professional Development) or involve a combination of online delivery and periodic visits by teachers to overseas organisations to provide supplementary 教学 and staff development training.

We understand that the needs and demands of students and parents are changing. 作为一个结果, we can be flexible and are willing to adopt new cooperation models with our TNE partners.


国际 Students studying Globe

Why choose Brock for TNE?

We are committed to helping our overseas partner educational organisations to provide support to their students and staff by actively improving their current education and qualification 系统 as well as sharing 教学 resources and exchanging innovative 教学 ideas.

We are highly committed and have delivered a range of TNE programmes with great success. These include leadership and management shadowing projects, 教师培训, EFL and A level in-country delivery as well as online delivery programmes, quality assurance projects, UK apprenticeship 系统 workshops.

We have successfully worked with many international educational organisations and training providers, please contact us to find out how we can work with you.


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